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Purchase Requirements

About pricing and ordering

Site registration:
The A*S*K Business Institute does not charge site registration fees.

Individual exam credits. These are "consumed" as students complete an exam and have it scored. For best value, take advantage of quantity pricing by purchasing all required credits with one purchase order.  Unused exam credits never expire and can be at any time in the future.


A*S*K Exam Pricing

Our exam fees pay for research, infrastructure, administration and our recognition package. We aim to keep the A*S*K certification affordable and exceptionally valuable.

A*S*K Business Institute certificate exams are available from MBA Research and Curriculum Center. Please fill in the order form located at the bottom of this page and email, fax, or mail it to A*S*K Business Institute c/o MBA Research and Curriculum Center, or order from the MBA Research online store.

The A*S*K Business Institute’s recognition program is included in the basic exam fees for those examinees who complete the recognition registration in advance.

Site Registration Fee: None

Pricing based of quantity purchased.

Site administrators are strongly encouraged to register early.

Individual exam credits

and Pretest

Quantity Discount
1-9 0% $65.00 ($45.50 Member) $22.00 ($15.00 Member)
10-25 35% $42.25 ($29.50 Member) $14.00 ($9.75 Member)
26+ 45% $35.75 ($25.00 Member) $12.00 ($8.25 Member)


Certification package not offered for the pretest.

Pretest available for use July 1-November 30. See the Pretest Policy.

Exam credits are not refundable. Exam credits never expire and can be used for future testing.

Replacement certificates: $10
Additional file letters: $10

Certificate and Recognition Package For examinees who meet standard, all elements of the recognition package are included at no additional cost IF advance student registration for the recognition package is completed prior to the exam.



Order Process

Please complete the A*S*K exam order form and fax or mail it to A*S*K Business Institute c/o:

MBA Research and Curriculum Center
1375 King Ave
P.O. Box 12279
Columbus, OH 43212-0279

Telephone: 800-448-0398
Fax: (614) 486-1819

Or scan and email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it