A*S*K Institute

About A*S*K Institute

About A*S*K Institute

The Institute for the Assessment of Skills and Knowledge of Business (A*S*K Business Institute) is an initiative of the MBA Research and Curriculum Center. It operates as a quasi-independent agency providing objective, industry-based proof of learning for students of business. A*S*K exams and certificates are based on performance indicators derived from MBA Research’s continuing research of the business community. The Institute is administered by MBA Research with guidance from a variety of public and private organizations nationwide.


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About MBA Research and Curriculum Center

MBA Research and Curriculum Center is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  Established in 1971 as an education foundation, it is operated by a consortium of 25+ state education departments.  Its mission is to support educators in the preparation of students for careers in business.

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