A*S*K Institute

Preparation and Study Guide

There are many resources available to help you prepare your students for the exams.

The A*S*K exam content is based on the national standards developed by the MBA Research and Curriculum Center (www.mbaresearch.org). To see a listing of performance indicators covered on each of the A*S*K exams, click here.

The content in the MBAResearch LAP modules is also based on the national standards, and provide an excellent foundation for A*S*K exam preparation. LAP modules and packages are available for purchase through the MBA Research online store. Keep in mind, though, that LAP modules are NOT currently available to address every performance indicator covered on each A*S*K exam.

For the balance of the exam, we recommend that you use the most challenging textbooks appropriate to your students. To the greatest extent possible, the A*S*K exams focus on broad understanding of concepts and high-level grasp of key conceptual skills. Test items are not tied to any single resource. A*S*K exams are similar to the DECA written exams. Although A*S*K tends to be a bit higher level, participation in the DECA competitive events is pretty good practice for taking the A*S*K exams.