A*S*K Institute

Testing Site Requirements

The A*S*K exams are administered online through an online testing vendor, Webxam  (www.webxam.org). Exams can be taken through any modern web browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) running on a computer connected to the Internet. Proxy servers, network security appliances, and other applications or devices that are in the middle of the comunication between the testing computer and the Webxam website may interfere with the testing process.  We strongly recommend that you or your local technical coordinator take the DEMO test on the computers  that the students will be using in order to ensure everything is properly configured for Webxam. By taking the DEMO test, you can identify and fix potential problems or issues before the actual testing date(s). The DEMO test  is available after we have processed your order, and you have set up your students' accounts. Steps to conduct the DEMO test are provided in the administrator instructions that your receive via e-mail after your order has been processed.

NOTE: Exam proctors are responsible for supervision of the examinees during the actual examination period. The proctor must be identified and registered with the A*S*K Institute prior giving the exam.  The proctor should be familiar with the testing process as they will help the students with any questions that arise.  A proctor may oversee a maximum of 30 examinees. Instructors may not serve as exam proctors for students in their classes/department.    For specific requirements for proctors, please click here.