A*S*K Institute

Pre-Assessment Policy

Pre-Assessments are intended to measure student knowledge prior to instruction. They may be used for several purposes, such as to measure gain over the course of the program or to help focus instruction in the most appropriate areas. Pre-Assessments are not intended for use as practice exams, study guides, nor for other instructional purposes.

November 30 deadline: In most instances, pre-assessments are available July 1 through November 30. Requests for exceptions will be reviewed on the basis of local circumstances within the following parameters:

  • If the program-of-study is structured using a non-traditional school year.
  • If there is a minimum of 12 months between pre- and post-assessment

Requests for use outside of the July – November window must be accompanied by a clear explanation of why an exception is warranted.

Rationale: This pre-assessment policy helps protect the integrity of the assessment program. By limiting access to a specific calendar window, we reduce inappropriate use as practice which in turn helps ensure the validity and reliability of the actual certification exams.