A*S*K Institute

Recognition Registration

The A*S*K Business Institute seeks to recognize those students who have demonstrated substantial knowledge of business, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship as measured by various written examinations.

Although the Institute makes no claims regarding an examinee’s fitness for employability or college readiness, the exams do seek to recognize those individuals who have achieved a level of academic readiness and who have made a concerted effort to prepare themselves for careers in the business community. 

A Proof of Learning certificate is offered in the following areas:
(1) fundamental business concepts (2) fundamental marketing concepts (3) Finance and (4) Entrepreneurship. 

To avoid special handling fees, examinees are encouraged to complete the recognition package registration prior to the exam date. Instructions for registering are provided by the test administrator at each site.

Before students begin the recognition package registration process, be sure that they have the necessary information (e.g., names, titles, addresses, etc.) and that it is accurate. Keep in mind that the data-entry fields are case sensitive, so the printed documents will reflect exactly what is typed in a particular field.